Photo Guidelines

Better Pictures Produce Better Results

Please ensure that the reference pictures you provide follow the mentioned guidelines.

  • Features Visible

    Make sure the pet's face, eyes, ears, and chest are visible.

  • No Filters

    The photos you select should represent the pet's true coat & colours. Take photos in a natural even light and avoid applying filters.

  • Eye Level Photos

    Kneel down and take your photo from a low angle. A good tip is to try to align the front and back paws in the same horizon.

  • Body Parts Visible

    For full body portraits, ensure that paws & ears are not cut out of the picture.

  • Well Lit & Good-Quality

    Ensure the reference photos are well lit, sharp (not blurry) & good-quality.

  • Groom

    If your dog gets groomed often, consider the groom you would like the portrait to be. Provide a reference picture accordingly.

Multiple Pets Portrait

When ordering a portrait for multiple pets, it is best to have a photo of all of together. That way the heights and perspective will remain the same.

If you prefer to provide separate reference images, make sure to maintain a similar angle in each shot.